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Life is not a reality show; it is not a competition.
Though we may differ, there is always overlap.
At this intersection we find warmth, laughter, and friendship.

What started as an experiment in the studio turned into one of our most colorful shirts to date. Our cyan, magenta, and yellow inks mix together like a dream in this 3 color design on a handprinted white t-shirt or a pretty darn cute onesie.

This item is a part of our Garage Sale of closeouts! Limited sizes, incredible savings.

Here to Make Friends (Kids) Here to Make Friends (Kids) Here to Make Friends (Kids)
Designed By Tom & Chris

Sometimes Tom is the fun one and Chris is the stick in the mud. Sometimes Chris is more laid back and Tom is really uptight. Depending on the day of the week, there may be magic. And every once in a while, they get it together and make something new. See more by Tom or Chris