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This one’s for all those out there that like to take things apart, fire up the soldering iron and see what happens. Continuing our tradition to make things about things we love, the Bend tee features a one-of-a-kind design by Tom. Each letter is comprised of all the tools and equipment scattered about a bender's desk.

Bend is printed in circuit board green on a soft, totally organic dijon tee that was made in the USA. And like every shirt at Wire & Twine, we printed these ourselves, by hand.

American Apparel shirts are fitted t-shirts, so order a size up if you're not familiar with the cut.

This item is a part of our Garage Sale of closeouts! Limited sizes, incredible savings.

Designed By Tom

Medium height, bald and most likely going to want to talk to you about music. Convinces himself on a daily basis that ADD is a gift and not a curse. See more by Tom: Goods