We hate to bore people so we will make this quick. Wire & Twine is a design studio formed in 2005-ish by Wendy Duvall, Chris Glass, and Tom Duvall. Most people know us for our t-shirts but we actually do much more.


A few answers to some questions we get from time to time:

Q: So you guys are a t-shirt company? Can you print my shirt?
A: We often tell folks we are not a t-shirt company but a design studio that happens to own screen printing equipment. Currently we do not take on outside jobs, but that may change when we set up shop in our new Northside location in the Summer of 2016.

Q: Where’s Wendy?
A: Currently we are just two guys (Chris Glass and Tom Duvall) doing our best to make good things for good people. We used to be three full-timers, but Wendy became Montessori certified and is now teaching a pre-school / kindergarten class at McGuffey Montessori in Oxford, OH. Her design skills can be seen throughout her classroom. It’s pretty awesome. (Oh, and she’s still very much a part of the company. Her vote is the tie breaker for our bad ideas.)

Q: Is it true that Chris has a tattoo of Buck Roger’s Twiki that covers over 80% of his back?
A: Probably not 80%.

Q: What’s with the name?
A: Having a studio on a farm sparked the name Wire & Twine. It’s two different materials used to bail hay and also represents our digital/analogue output.

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