Screen printing on paper

For a while I’ve been eager to transfer my screen printing know-how from shirts to posters. The internet was being fickle and my self-diagnosed ADD was kicking in, so I decided to cull together a print station and do some tests.

We had an old IKEA table top sitting around. I found the clamps I bought three years ago and mounted them to it. Next I burned a screen with our mission statement (which will be a future entry) and another screen with a pattern I found online. Being that this was going to be an experiment, I didn’t worry too much about registration issues. I simply taped a right angle to the print station.

After digging through a storage closet I found the gigantic sheets of paper I had leftover from my own wedding invite from nine years ago (yes, I do hoard art supplies).

With a bit of Speedball water-based ink and a squeegee it was show time. The biggest difference between the water based inks and the plastisols that we commonly use is the speed at which water-based ink dries... which happens to be very quickly.

Experimenting with poster making.


After an hour of playing around we ended up with a stack of prints. Overall (despite the color options) I’d say this little experiment is going to open up some doors for future efforts. This experiment also left me asking a couple questions: What are good water based inks for printing posters? What is a good paper choice for screen printing? Drop me a line if you have any suggestions! Have a great weekend.