I've long since wanted to make a shirt that illustrated beard types. I found a handful of distinctive folks that are exemplary with their facial hair, and created the drawing for this shirt.

It is by no means comprehensive, and I'm not a licensed pognologist (one who studies beards), but I think it gives a fair representation of the diversity found in face fur.

A handy key is printed on the bottom of the shirt toward the seam, to help you identify each style. Mind you, most beards have many different names. I chose the one that seemed to work best for this application.

These are printed on soft American Apparel short-sleeved charcoal colored t-shirts. A hit of white for the base drawing is overprinted with a transparent gray that lends depth to image. The key is printed in light gray.

Watch the making of video.




A portion of profits from the sale of this item go to Locks of Love

Locks of Love